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K-9 Prodigy - Unleash the genius in your dog
Full Training
Minimum of three training sessions per week for 30 days.
Price: $500.00
1/2 Training
Minimum of two training sessions per week for 30 days.
Price: $400.00
1/4 Training
Minimum of one training session per week for 30 days.
Price: $300.00
Donate to a Service Dog Team
K-9 Prodigy currently has two service dog candidate teams in training! The families are paying out of pocket for the training and any help and support is appreciated. 100% of donations received will be divided between current teams and applied to training fees unless you specify which team you want your donation to go to. K-9 Prodigy is not a licensed non-profit so any donation you give will be ineligible for a tax deduction -- but the great feeling you get from helping a team in training is priceless!
Price: $25.00
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