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"Give a Dog a Job"

Problem dog?

Is your dog bored, difficult, too much energy, destructive, anxious, or otherwise difficult?

Time-honored training advice for dogs like this is the need to give the dog a “job.”

Giving a dog a job really does work. It’s always worked. But if you don’t have to give your dog a job (maybe because you are too busy with your own job!), the perfect solution is to enroll into K9 Prodigy’s new “Give a Dog a Job” in-home training program.

In this unique program, your dog will learn the basics of Agility, Nosework, Treibball (“ball herding”) and competition obedience moves from a professional trainer and competitor. You’ll learn basic handling skills, too -- as much or as little as you like! And all from the comfort and ease of your own home or backyard and on your schedule!

Here's what's covered:

Competition Obedience moves: Precision heeling, all the Rally moves including Schutzhund turn, Moving Down, 360-degree pivots, and Finishes on both sides! Wow -- your dog has never looked so fancy!

Agility: Start-line warm-ups and stays, Forward and Lateral Sends, Serpentines and Threadles, oh my! The starter agility course includes three jumps, and if you have other equipment such as A-frames or teeters, we can train on those too!

Nosework: Get your dog sniffing out the first-level competition scent in a closed container search, and build up to interior, exterior and vehicle searches!

Treibball: Send out and bring in up to three regulation-sized balls, from whatever distance you've got the space for!

No space?

No problem. We've done this in tiny studio apartments before! Or we could head for the nearest park! (Though beginner dogs usually learn best when they're in a familiar environment.)

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