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Agility Training Logs

It's been so long since we've had training videos of Halo!

So since it's summer and all, and she's physically mature enough to handle agility without injury, and since if all goes well she will complete her first obedience title next weekend (cross your fingers!) it seems like a great time to bring back the weekly video logs, and this time we'll do agility!

This exercise is actually beginning "Weaves." You know, Weaves! The straight line of poles that the dog zigzags between. Finding the weaves (how to get into them) is actually one of the most difficult parts of the exercise. Those skinny little weave poles don't stand out very well on an agility course with the bigger obstacles. So in Two-Betweens, we work on both orienting to getting into the poles, as well as commitment to staying in the poles!

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