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Peek at the Trainer's Homework #2!

I wasn't very satisfied with yesterday's "baseline" homework for our Advanced Shaping course, so I re-did it. This time sans all the extraneous hand and body movements, though there were very tiny almost imperceptible movements that I still caught myself doing.

"What's going well": The stillness is definitely helping. My reward position is still helping. Charlie looks good.

"What could be better": Still a tiny bit of handler movement. The treats were awkward and clumsy to get out of my pocket; more convenient treats would be better. Next time I will set up session in a part of the yard that's not riddled by holes (um...Halo? We need to talk about these holes.) From the video I could see that there is not enough clarity on what he is to do with his feet. Should they be on my feet? Off to the left or right side? One on the left and one on the right? My spur of the moment training decision was to just worry about the shoulder for now, and we can do the feet later, but I may be wrong. Time will tell.

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