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Puppy Training Log: Week 12

We're more than halfway done working through the Rally Obedience exercises now. The American Kennel Club rules allow entry into rally competition as early as six months -- I'm not sure if Halo will be ready at that age, but she'll definitely be in the ring (and hopefully in the ribbons!) before one year of age.

She's also up to finding hides out of a series of 9 closed containers. Competition level is 12 closed containers so we'll get there soon -- maybe even next week! There are still a few things to do before we're ready for her Odor Recognition Test -- I have to get her used to searching on leash (this can be tricky for dogs who have been trained to walk beside the owner, paying attention while on leash) and get her used to searching in different areas. But we're planning for her ORT in August.

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