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Behavior Modification

K9 Prodigy handles a variety of canine behavioral problems, from aggression to housetraining issues. All behavior modification training is aimed at treating the underlying cause of the problem. Once we identify the underlying cause, we work on changing it while also training the dog new behaviors it can do in place of the old, bad behaviors. This two-tiered approach is very effective in lasting behavioral change. And with our free e-mail and phone support between sessions, you get personalized coaching every step of the way.

All dogs receiving behavioral modification training will also receive some obedience training, as this helps your dog build (or repair) his or her relationship with you, and your dog will begin to respect you as a leader. For some dogs, introducing them to sports training can help them tremendously -- giving a dog "a job" is a time-honored method of behavioral modification, and it can improve your bond with your dog by having something positive and enriching to work towards -- something where you and your dog are a team, instead of at odds with each other.

In the Portland area, K-9 Prodigy leads the pack in the most cutting-edge training methods available for dogs exhibiting aggression ("reactivity") to people or to other dogs while on walks. We also specialize in dogs with significant prey drive (chasing cats, squirrels, etc.) If you've already tried a lot of different methods to fix your dogs' problem and nothing's worked, there's probably still something new to try!

True behavior modification can take time. For serious problems that need to be fixed RIGHT NOW, we can generally come up with a temporary solution that will prevent your dog from doing the bad behavior, and keep the problem from becoming worse, while we train.

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