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Fast, happy obedience!


Your dog will learn via training methods that are efficient, effective, fast and will not damage the relationship and trust it has in you. And you will learn a lot of useful handling and training techniques as well -- even if this is your very first dog!

There's a big focus on attention work -- both on-cue and "automatic check-in," so even beginning dogs quickly learn to tune out the environment and focus on you. Polite leash-walking, good household and public manners and a solid recall (come when called), are the highlights of our Beginning Obedience Program. Many of the techniques and methods used are the same as dogs in service dog training programs, so your dog will learn a high level of precision and the ability to work in distractions.

When you want to move past the basics, a wide variety of advanced training options from jumping to scent work to retrieving and introduction to some of the dog sports and competitions is available. 

There is an active Facebook page where you can see videos of some of the dogs in training. Check out to get a sense of what K9 Prodigy training looks like.

** Please note, K9 Prodigy does not condone allowing your dog to be off-leash in public areas. Even reliably trained dogs and experienced handlers can make an occasional error, and if your dog is off-leash, a single, split-second mistake could mean its life. In addition, local leash laws require that your dog is on-leash in public. Please be a good citizen, keep your dog’s safety in mind, and unleash only in safe, designated areas!

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