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Online Learning -- FREE 1 week trial!!

If you live outside the service area, or if you don't have the hours for scheduled training sessions, you can do online training with a 1-week free trial!

How it works:

You'll do a virtual assessment by Facetime, Skype, or by submitting a baseline video and a written description of what you'd like to work on with your dog.

You'll get your first custom homework assignment -- either a written one, or videoed. Do the homework and then submit either a video of your finished assignment, or (if you're having trouble) then a video of your practice for troubleshooting.

We'll continue on in this way and you will see fantastic progress! Homework videos should be no more than 1-2 minutes long; and homework will be reviewed at least once per day (usually in the morning.) The easiest way to create, store and share videos is on Youtube -- create an account and you can keep your videos stored as "unlisted" (so they can't be seen or searched for without a specific link, which you'll send in for homework review.

Does online learning really work for dog training?

Absolutely! In fact, it's becoming more and more common. When you and your dog meet with an instructor in person, both of you are more distracted by the very presence of that instructor, and distraction is never good when you're trying to learn something brand-new! Also, many handlers tend to feel pressured when the expert is watching them; this can then cause the dog to feel pressured and then everything falls apart. It can also be very hard for handlers to remember everything they learn in a session, and once the instructor leaves, it can be a challenge to piece everything back together and try to remember before your next session. If you don't remember the lesson, you won't be able to practice effectively!

Online lessons give the benefit of having all the instructions right there in front of you to jog your memory if needed; there is no pressure from an instructor standing over you, and you can review the homework over and over before beginning to work with your dog -- so that "at least one of you knows what's going on!" :) Online teaching is helpful for the instructor as well, who can view your work several times and get both the "big picture" of what's going on, as well as focus on minute details that we might miss if we can only see you handle once. But by having a record of your work, we can give you the most accurate assessment and the most helpful suggestions so that you can improve quickly.

So yes, it definitely works! But if you'd like to give it a try before committing, take advantage of the 1-week trial! An email to will get you started, or you can even send a text to 503-839-0493!

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